About The Law Offices of Cubit & Cubit

Clients hire attorneys based on how much they know and how much they care. That’s a simple idea – but one that is overlooked by too many law firms today. At Cubit and Cubit we combine our legal knowledge with the highest level of client care.

What sets Cubit & Cubit apart from other law firms is our commitment to highly personalized service and relationships. We are committed to the principle that every client – regardless of the nature or size of the case – deserves an attorney who will treat them with dignity, respect and exceptional personal attention, while getting the best possible results.

From our free initial consultation through completion of the case, all our clients can be assured that their cases will be handled with what we call “The Client Rules.” This means that we will:

  • Provide an honest assessment as to whether your personal injury situation requires an attorney
  • Offer a candid opinion of the prospects for a successful settlement
  • Assign a dedicated attorney as a single point of contact for you throughout your case
  • Keep you informed of developments and promptly reply to your phone calls and questions
  • Treat you in a professional and dignified manner at all times
  • Explain legal issues and terms in clear and plain language
  • Act with speed and urgency to achieve a timely resolution of your case
  • Support you with a highly professional, courteous and responsive office staff
  • Provide a multi-lingual staff that is fluent in Spanish, French and Creole
  • Use all our expert resources and legal expertise to give you the best possible representation.

These ten rules are behind everything we do … and the reason for the outstanding success we have had in representing our valued clients. The thousands of clients we have served, the hundreds of client referrals we receive, and the successful verdicts and settlements we have won are proof that our approach works.

If you have experienced a personal injury that requires an attorney, we invite you to give us a call today. We look forward to the privilege of serving you and to delivering the same success that our other clients have enjoyed.

Thomas Cubit, Esq.
Senior Partner

The Law Offices of Cubit and Cubit